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Speed Demon by jacobyel Speed Demon by jacobyel
Name: Tony Speed

Alias: Speed Demon (Superhero identity)

Age: ideas open

Species: Gargoyle

Kind: Anthro

Occupation: Comic Book Superhero

Alignment: Good

Likes: ideas open

Dislikes: ideas open

Personality: ideas open

Skills: Demonic transformation, super strength/stamina/durability/healing, hell-fire manipulation, demonic magic, extreme gear riding, torment stare, demonic energy manipulation, evil empowerment, knowledge of the occult and demonic mythology

ideas open

Fighting style:
ideas open

Appearance: outfit is like this in light black and has this logo in yellow and black colors and wears this spiked jacket zipped open and wears this mask with the X replace with a flaming skull design and his species is a skeletal-looking gargoyle, Rides on a demon-styled extreme gear

Relationships: ideas open

History: Tony Speed was raised to be an Extreme Gear racer and performer by his step-parents when his biological parents disappeared. One day, Tony attempted a real death-defying stunt and has failed. He survives, but his face got utterly injuried, making his skinned face look like a skeleton. Dubbed a freak, Tony abadoned his life and went into hiding, until he meets a demon called Demento disguised as a cloaked elder. He offers a deal to Tony to rebuild his career in cost of his soul, but he refused. Enraged by his refusual, Demento teleport him to the underworld to be tortured by his hands for eternity, only to saved by honorable demon named Rykersondon. Thankful for his help, Tony bonds his soul with Rykersondon so he may help him redeem him so that he may live in the heavens in peace. With their spirits bonded, Tony is given the power to transform into Speed Demon, the Rising Devil. (More info later.)

OC is based on Ghost Rider.
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thieviusracoonus Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014
Awesome work!!!
jacobyel Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014
Thanks. Now we need to replace Speed Demon with something different:…
thieviusracoonus Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014
OC based on Blade, okay?
jacobyel Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014
Okay and I'll do Penny Primordial next and see what she looks like. :)
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June 30, 2014
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